“Received my copy of Italian cartridges from 1861 to 1946.  Book arrived via DHL with tracking. Yes, shipping was pricey but received it within 5 days of shipment.  Able to track it all the Italy to Perry, Utah.  Book was packaged well and arrived in perfect condition.

I wanted a reference to help identify headstamps and variations in the Italian cartridges in my collection and this book is it!

The book is printed on quality paper with an easily read font.  The work is primarily in Italian but the illustrations have english translations that provide plenty of information.  The book covers Revolver, Auto Pistol and Rifle and Machine Gun Cartridges. There are also chapters covering experimentals and several other calibers I was unaware of being used by the Italians. There are also chapters on Propellants and Ammunition Producers.  Something for everyone.

The illustrations include include drawings and photographs showing cartridges, clips,  boxes, belts , etc. I am also quite pleased with the headstamp listings that identify the loadings and case material (at least for the 6.5 carcano That is the only section I have been into in detail so far.).

Overall, it was money well-spent.  I would recommend it for anyone who collects Italian cartridges from the time period.  I believe the book itself is destined to become a collector’s item”


review posted on the IAA Forum